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As a developer, I would like to thank you all for playing this game and hope that you will have a good time playing Snake Treasure and Snake Treasure.

General Guide


The game itself is not much complicated gameplay design and strategy game space, basically is the test of effective firepower output and killing efficiency, but some mechanisms are really not easy to notice during the battle, here is a brief official guide.

Mechanism Raiders

  • Players and bases in the damage will have 2 seconds to automatically restore HP value, try to avoid continuous damage. The base is constantly being bombed is the cause of the majority of cases.
  • The heavy attacks with yellow markers, even with shields to block, will also take 20% damage and interrupt HP recovery, did not prevent it is very easy to lose people. Missile-type attacks can be countered by counterattack to burst in advance, heavy artillery-type attacks whose trajectory is fixed after the launch, ammunition flight speed is also low, you can rely on physical side shift to dodge.
  • The shield’s blocking judgment area is actually half a circle larger than it seems, so you don’t have to shrink behind the whole person when blocking to cause nothing to be seen. Considering that the enemy attacks are aimed at the chest, many times in the blocking stance, the head is completely exposed, it does not hurt.
  • The game actually has an OverKill mechanism, except for the various types of enemy missiles that hit and explode, all normal enemy aircraft have two hits, as soon as they are hit and start to fall, they are judged to be down and given points, but after that if you continue to attack, or if you do enough damage in a single attack, you can directly break them, and get twice as many points on top of the knockdown. It usually takes three times as much damage to completely smash an enemy aircraft as it does to shoot it down, so you can score more points by doing more OverKills when you have the firepower to do so. Directly smashing an enemy aircraft also avoids it blocking a ballistic path, and sometimes destroying a heavy bomb coming straight down on you may be a higher priority than attacking other enemy aircraft.
  • While this does not happen in the vast majority of cases – all ammunition fired by the player actually has an airburst fuse delay time, which is activated 0.1 seconds after firing, allowing it to detonate when it is close to the enemy aircraft’s perimeter. Before that, the ammunition must hit the target directly in order to cause damage, so some enemy aircraft or missiles may enter very close range, VT fuzes may not be activated in time, resulting in a sudden increase in interception difficulty. Try to avoid this situation.

Tips and Tricks

  • Attack planes (the lightest enemy planes) passing through the defense zone will not lead to the base being bombed, not for the sake of score and does not have a red attack marker, you can release them at your discretion on occasions of high pressure, giving priority to shooting down all types of enemy bombers.
  • Different types of enemy aircraft have fixed generation heights, and those at the bottom may intercept shells fired at the top, creating a kind of cover effect. In some cases, prioritizing the enemy planes at lower altitudes to break them up will instead help focus output on bombers at higher altitudes.
  • Occasionally, you have to know how to let go – enemy planes that are tricky to hit and have little value are best let go, otherwise the time dedicated to turning around to hit these enemy planes may be enough to shoot down several times as many high value enemy planes. Crashes often happen when you are chasing a few enemy planes and turn around to find a large group of planes already overhead.
  • The V-1 missiles fired at the beginning of each wave will also bombard the base, and although the damage is not high, it may cause the base to be bombed continuously to the point where it cannot trigger an auto-refill. If you draw a card and get a missile attack, the threat of V-1 is greatly increased. Although not 41,500 points 1 shot weapon, more or less must be given some respect.
  • Overload to stay will not give birth to pups, as long as you feel that enemy aircraft can not kill over, please immediately carry out a weapon overload. In the later stages of the game, the player basically has to be in the overload, as long as an overload can kill enough 100,000 points, used is used for nothing!
  • Missiles can shoot down all normal enemy planes with a single shot, so don’t forget to use them. The use of missiles to clear one side of the enemy aircraft, and then set fire on the other side is a good strategy, the use of missiles alone point kill heavy bombardment is also good. You only need to upgrade 1-2 levels of missiles to have a good experience in this area.
  • Upgrade survival performance can be extremely significant to improve the mettle, just point a 1-2 level can make the character and the base’s ability to withstand damage close to double, after point full simply do not know how to die.
  • The HO229 winged plane (the one with the blue light) that appears in random waves between every two breaks can be shot down for 1 upgrade point, which requires a lot of attention. This kind of enemy aircraft can not be locked by missiles, and the speed and height are extremely high, put into the middle and close range and then hit more secure, need a lot of advance.
  • The V-2 ballistic missile, which appears as a special attack card, has a similar super high speed and altitude as the HO229, and has a curved trajectory, making it more difficult to intercept, but it can be locked on by missiles. If you think this is too tricky, you can order level 2 Survival Performance and pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • If you really can’t fight off a large group of machines, you can solve most of the problems by using 88MM cannons and weapon overloads.

Boss Strategies

  • Most of the giant bosses have destroy-able parts. Prioritizing the destruction of these parts can stop them from launching attacks, and these parts will be repaired after 10-18 seconds. With the player’s firepower, you can basically dumb down all the attacks of most of the bosses in the first place, except for the mass missile of the air fortress.
  • Each of the Zeppelin’s engines can be destroyed individually, dealing huge damage to the body when destroyed, helping to quickly RUSH out this boss with the highest HP. If you use a weapon with a larger blast range, such as the FLAK88, you will be able to attack the main body while rippling through the engines. In the blimp just appeared without turning sideways against the enemy’s angle, the player has a short window to attack the engine on the other side of the blimp.
  • The air fortress seems to be the trickiest regular boss from the feedback, but like all bosses, its attack pattern, i.e., the firing order of the 6 turrets, is fixed, and the priority is to set fire to knock out the 6 turrets in turn along the firing order to get a safe output time. Its mass missiles can not be paralyzed by destroying parts, and as long as all of them can basically kill the player, it needs to be given the highest attention. However, its body is relatively easy to be locked by missiles (it won’t lock to subparts that are also in the targeting circle) so using a focused missile attack is a better strategy. In addition, it is also the only boss that may pass through the player’s defense zone and cause the base to be bombed. If the player has not upgraded his level 1 survivability, letting it pass through the battle zone will cause the base to be blown up.
  • The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem.
  • The 5th wave of the number of BOSS – heavy bomber formation for the unskilled and initial no upgrade players also have a little pressure, make good use of missiles and direct hit mechanism, use 88MM anti-aircraft guns for accurate sniping, priority to hit the most forward to avoid their attacks to suppress their own firepower, may be the best choice.
  • The final boss, KILLER DOLLS, will use all the attack mechanisms that have appeared before, including machine guns, heavy artillery, light cannons and missiles, the desire to attack and the density is very high, it is necessary for players to maintain a defensive posture at all times. Her attack pattern is divided into five stages, in the first stage will be square plus triangle leap displacement, supplemented by machine gun strafing and heavy artillery barrage, shield defense one-handed counter-attack can be, to react with confidence players can try to dodge heavy artillery. The second stage will be launched upward fan missiles at the same time, backward leap for storage light cannon, side shift and counterattack can be. The third stage will carry out the previously used triangle displacement, where the third displacement of the triple heavy cannon need to pay extra attention. The fourth stage will move to a high altitude to release a massive missile barrage, players need to intercept the missiles, but also the best opportunity to output. If not killed in this stage, she will enter the fifth stage, in the high altitude to carry out completely random position leap, and alternately in each leap to carry out the machine gun strafing and triple heavy artillery attack, there is no methodical, if there is no dodge heavy artillery attack confidence, this stage of the pressure to bear the injury will be quite large, after eight times will be back to the first stage, and so on and so forth. In addition, some players may have noticed that she will release heat trap bombs in the face of player missiles, causing all missiles to fail, this mechanism will take effect when the player fires more than 4 missiles at her, there is a 10 second cooldown after use, players can first fire 4 missiles to cheat the heat trap bombs, and then a full cabin missile flurry to let her eat a cool. Although the 23MM/40MM cannon is best suited to fight this boss, it is the 88MM cannon that has the highest output in the leap attack phase for players who can hit direct hits.
  • In addition to the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th waves of the first look boss battle is the dang single fight, after that other waves of the boss battle will not stop the normal generation of enemy aircraft, these enemy aircraft threat level is very often higher than the BOSS, it is recommended to first fight off the BOSS attack ability, and then prioritize the cleanup of the swarm, to completely fight off the swarm so that no longer generated, and then continue to kill the BOSS.

Tips to Improve Performance

  • Because of the developer’s technical force is too dish, the game began to lag in the middle and later is inevitable, but as long as the kill is fast enough to solve the problem of lag very well. In addition, turn off enemy aircraft trails and film noise effects in the options can greatly reduce the lag problem in the late game.
  • The game itself puts more pressure on the CPU than the GPU, so if you feel that the GPU is also under pressure, you can lower the rendering ratio in the options, as the game itself has a pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥ screen anyway, so you can play with your eyes closed at 75% or even 50%. According to the test results, there seems to be no problem running 100% quality with the 1060Ti.
  • Using high rate of fire weapons – talking about your 23MM Shirekha – can significantly exacerbate performance problems.
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