Barro Racing – 100% Full Achievement Guide (Easiest Way)

Tips and tricks for 100% achievements.

Tips to Obtain All Achievements


In this game there is no cheat-codes or auto-getting achievements. You should earn everything by yourself. I want to help you beat 100% with minimum energy.

The Main Point

There are some default options for each track.

You should minimize every option:

  • Laps: 5
  • CPUs: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

With such combination it is the best way to beat every track.

Race Style

Some tips for racing:

  • Don’t beat the border of track. They have crazy physics, you will lost the car.
  • No Breaks. Cars give you ability only to push “gasgasgas” and don`t use breaks at all.
  • Quick E. If you lost your car or fly out track – push E as fast as you can. Don’t try to catch car after collision with track borders or to finish your glorious falling. E will save you a couple of seconds.

Controversial Tips

This two tips maybe are combo. But i`m not sure they work for everybody. Maybe it is my personal feelings. But you should try them.

  • Choose Bugs for racing. They are more stable and more heavy than standart once
  • Try to kick your opponent on the first lap. Your car shouldn`t lose the track, opposite to CPU. Opponent will crush and give you a bunch of seconds for easy win and even one-two mistakes on track.

Not Obvious Tip

For 100% achievements you don`t need to beat track №9,10. Only №1-8.

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