BATTLE CRUSH – Ares Calixer Guide (Story, Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Ares Calixer


Noa Lippmann, the exalted hero of Herotes, was on the run with Crown of the Unseen, the Calix of Hades. Flowders Laboratory appointed Rafael as their man to track down his bounty.

The reason? He was Noa’s assistant. “Assistant? He hardly knows I exist!” Try as he might, his objections fell on deaf ears.

At least the laboratory didn’t send him empty-handed. They entrusted him with the CalixBloodstained Kopis.

“I just wanted to stay out of trouble…” Alas, life happens. If it’s what the lab demands, he has no choice but to abide.

Play Style


Spectacular playstyle that dominates the battlefield with swift charging skills.


Optimized for hit-and-run tactics using special skill teleportation. However, survival depends on using evasive maneuvers such as dodge rolling or using teleportation to avoid attacks when health is low.


Light attack 1

  • Swing your dual blades to slash the enemy 2 times.

Light attack 2

  • Slash your dual blades sideways 2 times.

Light attack 3

  • Unleashes blade energy toward the enemy.

Dive attack

  • (When using a Light Attack while in midair) Perform a backflip and fall, slashing your target 2 times.
  • If you are locked onto a target, fall toward the target and attack them.

Heavy attack 1

  • Leave a Shadow Clone at your starting location, then quickly charge at the target to slash them.

Heavy attack 2

  • Moves to the location of the Shadow Clone.
  • (Move to the Shadow Clone created with Heavy Attack Strike 1)

Ultimate 1

  • Quickly charges and slashes the target.

Ultimate 2

  • Quickly charges and slashes the target again.

Ultimate 3

  • Unleashes blade energy toward the enemy.


  • Leaves a Shadow Clone in front.


  • Crosses blades to block an incoming attack.

Dodge attack

  • On a successful block, swiftly slashes through the target and moves past.
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