BATTLE CRUSH – Battle Royale Guide with Tips

How to Play Battle Royale

Team Battle Royale

Up to 30 players can join a Team Battle Royale match in a team of 3 players.

Select your Calixer and jump into the match.

Once the match begins, select your starting point.

You can see the loot chests and other equipment scattered around the map.

Each round, the ground collapses resulting in the battleground shrinking over time.

Gear up by looting chests and items, get stronger, and be the last team standing with your teammates.

Tips for Battle Royale

How to revive teammates

When a teammate dies, a soul stone will be dropped.

Look out for the location of the dropped soul stone. It will be displayed near your Calixer or on the minimap.

Interacting with the statue of revival while carrying a soul stone will revive your teammate.

Your teammate will revive also 100 seconds after you acquire the soul stone.

The geyser

Have you seen geysers around the map?

You lose stamina while swimming but in the geyser, it is prevented.

Also, periodical spouts from the geyser allow you to jump relatively long distance.

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