BATTLE CRUSH – Diana Calixer Guide (Story, Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Diana


Nadine was born into a family of Ymir priests. She was supposed to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a priestess, but her life took an unexpected turn when she made contact with the Calix of Chaos.

When the Calix of Chaos showed her a glimpse at the power of ancient masters, she realized that she could only become a true Calixer by uncovering the secrets of the Calixes.

Abandoning her priestess status, she set out for Herotes, where she pursued a career as a historian specializing in Calix research. Her quest is to discover the elusive Calix of Chaos.

Will the Calix of Chaos guide her toward the realm of the gods, as she hopes?

Play Style


Maintain an appropriate distance from enemies and land all three light attacks to deal significant damage.


Perform three light attacks, use your ultimate, and set up magic arrows with a heavy attack. Then, use a special attack to surprise and damage approaching enemies.


Light attack 1

  • Fire an arrow.

Light attack 2

  • Fire an arrow.

Light attack 3

  • Fire three arrows in different directions.
  • The arrows follow an elliptical trajectory and meet at their maximum range.

Dive attack

When using a Light Attack while in midair

  • Fire an explosive shot at the ground.
  • If you are locked onto a target, fire at the target.

Heavy attack

  • Fire a fracture shot that splits into arrows flying in multiple directions, dealing great damage to the target.
  • If the fracture shot lands, it splits into 5 arrows, and the arrows stay on the ground for a set duration.
  • If the shot doesn’t hit a target, the arrow splits at the end of its range.


  • Unleash a barrage of arrows in a designated area.
  • The arrows explode at the last moment, blasting away all hit targets.


  • Retrieve the arrows stuck in the ground.
  • Only activated when there are arrows stuck in the ground within range.


  • Rapidly move forward while sliding.

Dodge attack

  • (When using a Light Attack after Dodge) Fire three arrows while sliding.
  • The arrows will remain on the ground for a certain duration.
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