BATTLE CRUSH – Hades Calixer Guide (Story, Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Hades Calixer


Noa Lippmann was a renowned Calix researcher and powerful Calixer. He was studying the Crown of the Unseen, the Calix of Hades.

Frustrated by the lack of progress in his research, he laid his hands on the Crown, which belonged to the laboratory. With the power of Hades inspiring him, Noa’s research began to gain momentum.

However, Noa began to lose himself in his work. In the end, Noa’s personality vanished, replaced by the Calixer Hades’s ego. He came to believe that only power is more valuable than honor.

In the end, he embarked on a quest to find the Calix of Chaos to gain the power of Chaos… and to become a god that goes beyond Chaos.

Play Style


Build up fire stacks with fast light attacks, then detonate them with a special move for additional damage.


Knock down enemies with the first heavy attack and choose a follow-up attack for additional damage. Use light attacks if expecting allies to follow up, or combo heavy attacks with utility moves for finishing off enemies with significant damage.


Light attack 1

  • Rapidly slash the enemy with your sword. (If you are in Frenzy, inflict 1 stack of Burn.)

Light attack 2

  • Swing your sword one more time. (If you are in Frenzy, inflict 1 stack of Burn.)

Light attack 3

  • Make a quick diagonal slash with your sword. (If you are in Frenzy, inflict 1 stack of Burn.)

Light attack 4

  • Swing your sword horizontally. Inflict 1 stack of Burn.

Dive attack

  • (When using a Light Attack while in midair) Land on the ground and then perform a frontal slash.
  • If you are locked onto a target, land in the target’s vicinity. Inflict 1 stack of Burn.

Heavy attack 1

  • Drive your sword into the ground to cause an earthquake.
  • Inflict Burn on the enemy 1 time on hit.

Heavy attack 2

  • Draw forth hellfire from the cracked ground to hit the enemy.
  • Inflict Burn 1 time on enemy on hit.


  • Cause the fire within your body to explode, dealing damage and inflicting Burn on nearby targets.
  • Subsequently, enter Frenzy.
  • While in Frenzy, Light Attack damage increases and Fire type is granted to certain Light Attacks.
  • (While in Frenzy, Light Attack does not consume stamina.)


  • Consume stacked Burn Status Effects to deal damage to the enemy.
  • Damage increases proportionally to the number of Burn stacks and deals fixed damage.


  • Charges forward at high speed.

Dodge attack

  • (When using a Light Attack after Dodge) Quickly strike the enemy with your sword while dashing.
  • Inflict Burn on the enemy 1 time on hit (If you are in Frenzy, inflict Burn 2 times).
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