BATTLE CRUSH – Hermes Calixer Guide (Story, Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Hermes Calixer


Louis was an ordinary guy who delivered newspapers. As soon as cracks started to form in his monotonous routine, misfortune found its way into his life.

He was falsely accused of stealing Caduceus, the Calix stored at Flowders Lab. What’s confusing is that Caduceus was discovered right under his very own bed.

Who did this? Who is responsible for destroying Louis’s life?

He must find the culprit so that he can live in peace again.

Unfortunately, this task demands power. There is no choice but to use Caduceus.

Will Louis, the unwilling Calixer, catch the culprit and go back to his happy life?

Play Style


Maintain a link with allies and special abilities; use light attacks to buff! Use the ultimate to immediately release stun.


As the battle prolongs, the combat efficiency of yourself and linked allies increases. It is basic to hit light attacks without hitting as much as possible, but it will be the most difficult play.


Light attack 1

  • Wave your staff around to fire a vortex shot.

Light attack 2

  • Grant Swift! on yourself. (If you have a contractor, the same effect is applied to them)

Light attack 3

  • Swift!: Recover 2 Stamina. Increase Movement Speed by 2% per target on vortex shot hit. Movement Speed will increase for 12 sec, up to 50%.

Dive attack

  • (When using a Light Attack while in midair) Fire a vortex shot at the ground. The fired vortex shot causes enemies in the vicinity to float. If you are locked onto a target, fire a vortex shot at them.

Heavy attack 1

  • Spin your staff to create a vortex.
  • The vortex grows wilder as time elapses and pulls enemies toward you.

Heavy attack 2

  • Release a vortex which pushes enemies in front of you away.
  • Strike 1 damage is caused over multiple hits.


  • Launch nearby enemies into the air.
  • If your contractor is disabled, teleport them next to you, then instantly remove Groggy.
  • Subsequently, slam your staff on the ground to throw back enemies.
  • Simultaneously, grant High Speed! to nearby allies.
  • High Speed!: Recover 100 Stamina. Increase Movement Speed by 30% for 7 sec.


  • Select 1 nearby ally as a contractor.
  • The contract is terminated when the distance between you and your contractor exceeds 30 m.
  • When selecting a contractor for the first time, grant Energy of Wind to yourself and your contractor.
  • Energy of Wind: Recover 20 Stamina. Increase Movement Speed by 30% for 3 sec. The effect cannot be stacked for existing contracts.


  • Warp forward.

Dodge attack

  • (When using a Light Attack after Dodge) Use the wind to lift nearby enemies into the air.
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