BATTLE CRUSH – How to Obtain Calixer

We’d like to guide you on how to obtain Calixers in-game through regular gameplay! As you play, you can gather crafting materials or acquire complete Calixers by completing missions.

Guide to Obtain Calixer

How to Obtain a Complete Calixer

There’s a mission that allows you to obtain a full Calixer rather than just Soul Fragments!
By completing steps 2 and 3 of the tutorial, you can obtain ‘Lops’ and ‘Freyja’.

Mission Path

  • Mission > Beginner

How to Obtain Calixer Crafting Materials

  • You can acquire the Calixer you want using ‘Gold’ and ‘Ether’ acquired through beginner missions!
  • When you complete all beginner missions, you can create the Calixer you want with ‘40,000 Gold’ and ‘400 Ether’!

Path to buy Calixer Soul Fragment

  • Store > Calixer > Soul Fragment

You can obtain a complete Calixer by combining ‘Soul Fragment x1’ and ‘Ether x100’ of the Calixer you purchased.

Path to create Calixer

  • Synthesis > Click on ‘Calixer Soul Fragment’ > Synthesize

How to Obtain Materials Through Twitch Drops Event

Watch streamers playing BATTLE CRUSH on Twitch for a certain amount of time and earn materials to craft Calixer! Seri Costume and weapon skin are bonuses!

For more detailed information, please check Twitch Drops Event.

Obtain and play various Calixer using the method we provided above!

Video Guide

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