BATTLE CRUSH – Seri Calixer Guide (Playstyle and Skills)

Guide to Seri Calixer

Play Style


Maintain a good combat distance and employ long-range harassment play.


Spawn a pitching machine with a heavy attack and align approaching enemies and incoming projectiles on a straight path to inflict significant damage.


Light attack 1

  • Gently throw a ball.

Light attack 2

  • Throw a fastball forward.

Light attack 3

  • Quickly performs a windup and throws a fastball.

Dive attack

  • (When using a Light Attack while in midair) Throw a ball toward the ground.
  • The thrown ball stays on the ground for 1.5 sec and deals damage 3 times over time.
  • If you are locked onto a target, throw the ball at the target instead.

Heavy attack

  • Summon a pitching machine at the designated location and cause a shockwave.
  • Subsequently, the pitching machine launches a ball in your direction.
  • The ball launched by the pitching machine penetrates the enemy.


  • Summon a pitching machine on both sides, then throw 3 fastballs in tandem with the machine.
  • The balls penetrate enemies, and while the Ultimate is active, you can change the direction of attack using the controls.


  • Gains the ability to detect enemies in Stealth mode.


  • Head-slide to the front.

Dodge attack

  • (When using a Light Attack after Dodge) Center yourself and throw a fastball.
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