BattleBit Remastered – Aiming Weapons Guide

The purpose of this guide is to share the detailed mechanics of aiming.

Guide to Mechanics of Aiming

Equipment and Setup

I having been using a mouse peripheral to control aiming.

This guide will therefore focus on mouse aiming.

The equipment required to follow this guide are as follow:

  1. A mouse
  2. A desk


Any mouse can be used, I have tried both a very cheap mouse, and a very expensive mouse, there a bit of a difference, but basically with the very expensive mouse you will have less money, with a very cheap mouse you might have slightly less self esteem. YMMV.

In both cases though, they should be connected to the computer running the game and working.

This appears to be true for every mouse I tried.


This area is too complex to get into too much detail. Basically you need a desk to use a mouse.

None of the mice I bought, came with a desk. Yeah, none.

I have a desk already, so it was not a huge problem for me, but you need to check this before you start, and this guide will be difficult to follow without one.

People have messaged me and apparently tables will work too, I have not tested this though.


I discovered this by accident, and wow, it really changed the level of fun in this game. I think it will be the meta, at least at launch if not forever.

After reading the excellent How to Shoot guide, I was practising my clicking, and became frustrated with the amount of time I had to wait for something to pass in front of my cross-hair. I am pretty good at picking up new skills, so the shooting was not hard after a bit of training.

What I noticed was that if I move the mouse, even a little, it would effectively reorientation the cross-hair. With a bit of effort I was basically able to point the cross-hair at objects in the game. Absolute game changer!

Here how you can take advantage of my research and experimentation.

Moving the mouse against the surface of the desk, from side to side, will move the cross-hair left and right.

However, if you move the mouse forward and backward, the cross-hair behaves quite differently, and move up and down.

Do this for a while to get used to the concept, when you’re comfortable, try combining those actions, and you will be able to move the cross-hair diagonally.

This really is important, if you master this you will be able to literally aim at anything.

I expect this will catch on, and everyone will be adopting this play style.

Hopefully this does not get nerfed, as it made the game much more fun for me.

Anyway, I hope this have piqued your interest, and perhaps it will inspire others to experiment!

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