BattleBit Remastered – How to Win A Conquest Match

A bunch of useful tips that will increase your chances of winning a conquest match.

Guide to Win A Conquest Match

Introductory Notes

This guide will be more relevant for the Conquest on big and large maps. For Infantry Conquest it won’t be relevant since the maps there aren’t large enough for tactical maneuvers.

Mental Preparation

Completely forget about your K/D ratio.

KD in Battlebit doesn’t matter

If your K/D ratio is still more important to you than a tactical teamplay, then you can already close the guide at this point.

Why is K/D so unimportant and doesn’t affect the victory? I kill enemies and drain their tickets – the larger my K/D, the more useful I am for the team, that is, I killed more than I died, which means I am useful for the team.

Actually, no. During the time when you farm big K/D ratio, you can capture several flags, which will be 10 times more useful for the team.

Captured flags drain several dozen tickets per minute from the enemy, which means that in less time you can drain more tickets from the enemy if you simply flank the enemy flag, capture and hold it for several minutes.

Tactical Tips

Do not fight head-on

The dumbest thing you can do is fight head-on.

Avoid direct fight with the enemy, always try to flank enemies from side or behind.

For example, having captured the farest flag of the enemy, the enemy will have to stretch their forces and return to counterattack the point, which is better for your team and this will help your team capture the next flag.

Make full use of light transport

I may say obvious things, but the most players neglect light vehicles and this is their mistake.

Most of the players drive to the flag and immediately abandon the car and never return to it, although the best solution would be to save the car and go to another flag, thereby getting ahead of the enemy’s timing and transporting a few more allies for further assault.

Also vehicles can be used as an active respawn point for allies, or if this car has a machine gun, then as an excellent firing position that will help to hold the position.

Try to gain and use as many squad points as you can

As you know, for squad points you can build fortifications, call in supplies and build respawn beacons.

Most don’t use this powerful feature, but anyway it’s more a Squad Leader’s job.

In order to take full advantage of the squad points, I advise you to create a new squad at the beginning of the match and take the Squad Leader role and do the following:

  1. At the beginning of the match, order the squad to capture the flag that your squad is approaching, then after capturing the flag, a large amount of squad points will be earned for completing the order, but still this won’t be enough for advanced fortification and respawn beacon.
  2. Do not forget to give orders to defend / attack the flag to the squad.
  • Even if one person from your squad helps the allies in capturing a flag to which you also gave the capture order, you will receive a large amount of squad points.
  • If you gave the order to hold a flag, then for each kill of an enemy by a squadmate on this flag your squad will get 4 squad points. It doesn’t seem like much, but when there is a big battle nearby, your squad will bring you a lot of points.

    Call in supplies if needed, build fortifications and spawn points.
  • When your squad has a high amount squad points, don’t forget to fortify your positions while holding the flag. Barriers and sandbags provide excellent protection against frag grenades and small arms fire, while the HESCO wall will protect you from several RPG hits and even tank shells.
  • Supply drops are useful for everyone in your team (if called at the right moment and in the right place, otherwise this supply crate will be just a waste), especially for engineers with RPGs.
  • A fortified or hidden spawn beacon will be useful for your squad in holding or attacking an important flag.

Use smokes!

The smoke grenade is the most useful grenade in the game, and here’s why:

  • It fully guarantees you what is expected of it, that is, blocking the enemy’s view for further tactical maneuvers.
  • Why do I think that a frag grenade is worse than a smoke grenade?

Because the smoke grenade is universal: it will help you get away from the fire, raise an ally in a dangerous situation, blind the enemy, and the frag grenade can only kill the enemy. Also it doesn’t guarantee that you are lucky enough to make a lucky throw and kill several enemies at once.

Squad Survival Tips

As long as your squad is alive and you are completing a combat mission, you are leading the team to victory. If you don’t complete a combat mission or you are dead, you are leading the team to a loss.

Therefore, this point is no less important than the play objective. For full effectiveness, in addition to completing a combat mission, you need to stay alive as long as you can and also keep alive your squadmates.

  1. It is better to retreat when you can than “No step back, comrades!” untill you are all killed one by one.

When retreating at the right moment, you won’t only give up your ticket to the enemy, but will also be a living respawn point for the squad, which will obviously greatly help in the survival of your squad.

  1. Don’t risk your life too much for others

You can raise an ally who was killed nearby – it’s ok. But if an ally was killed in a zone of heavy fire, then it’s better to leave him, let him die and redeploy on you, rather than crawl to him and die, in the result loosing 2 tickets instead of 1.

But still I like to save my teammates from very dangerous situations by throwing smoke grenade near them and dragging them behind the cover where then raising them up – it’s rewarding and it’s fun!

  1. Drag all downned allies to cover

If there is even more downed allies near you than you have bandages, then it’s still worth to drag all of them behind the cover if possible, where you can then raise them and ask the nearest medic for help in reviving teammates.


Everything I have said can be summed up in the following paragraphs:

  1. Always play objective (stop farming big K/D ratio).
  2. Be tactical, assess the situation on the battlefield and attack the enemy from the flanks and rear, never fight the enemy head-on.
  3. Take advantage of squad perks, i.e. fortification, supply drop and respawn beacon.
  4. Stay alive, keep your squadmates and teammates alive.
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