BattleBlock Theater – Secret Level Locations

If you’re new in the game and want to explore and find secrets, dont think theres just hidden gems.

Locations of Level Secrets

Theres the secret level list (and unlock method)

Chapter 1 secret is in level: 1-7 (or scene 3 act 1)

  • Close to the first secret gem, theres a hidden room with volts poiting to it. Go into it and unlock the first secret.

Chapter 2 secret is in level: 2-2 (or scene 1 act 2)

  • At the very start, theres a sus room where you cant acess for now. Do the parts of the level.
  • Later, youll see a bunch of spikes at the top, but one of them dont have nothing, with a portal behind it. Go into it. When you get, you get to the sus room from the start and gets a secret level.

Chapter 3 secret is in level: 3-9 (or scene 3 act 3)

  • Do the level normally. When you start hearing dart guns, you’re close to the location of the secret. When you get to the portal (that leads you to a room with a dart gun cat) you will use his dart guns or your dart guns (if you killed him (obs: if you dont have a dart gun and killed him you’ll have to restart the level)), then you get a secret level

Fun fact: this secret level is the hardest to get a a++.

Chapter 4 secret is in level: 4-7 (or scene 3 act 1)

  • This secret has the hardest unlock method (maybe), youll need the rock in the top for this. Pick the rock and dont let it get to the water, when theres no more water spots throw the rock to the wall, so you dont die to some volts. At the end of the rock course, thers 2 clouds, get in them and get to the normal block and unlock the 4th secret.

Chapter 5 secret is in level: 5-8 (or scene 3 act 2)

  • Do the level normally, after you pass trought a portal, theres a little secret room that you need the last “tramoline” to access, when you access keep walking and you get a secret.
  • This secret level is the most annoying and have an almost impossible yarn.

Chapter 6 secret is in level: 6-2 (or scene 1 act 2)

  • In the first checkpoint, theres a propeller. Use it to access.
  • After 2 spikes youll access a secret room with a secret level close to a water spot.


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