Battlefield 1 – Calculating the DPS of the Guns

A basic guide to help you choose your ideal weapon.

How to Calculate the DPS of the Guns

Just to warn you, this method is more functional for Automatic Guns.

First of all, you will need 2 information of the Gun, Damage and Rate of Fire.

If the Rate of Fire is in Minutes (RPM) you will have to convert it to Seconds (RPS), to do this simply divide the value by 60 (since 1 min = 60 secs).

  • Ex : 600 RPM ÷ 60 secs = 10 RPS

Now that you have the RPS value, you will multiply that value by the Damage.

  • Ex : 10 RPS × 35 Damage = 350 DPS

As you can see in this example, the DPS was 350, that is, in 1 second of shooting without stopping and hitting the chest, you will have 350 Damage.

Since enemies have 100 hit points, in this example, you will need 3 shots in the chest to kill them (3 × 35 = 105 Damage). So, you can use the Rule of Three to determine the time of those 3 shots, if in 1 second you have 10 shots, how long will you have in 3 shots?

  • 1 sec = 10 shots
  • x sec = 3 shots
  • 10x = 1 × 3
  • 10x = 3
  • x = 3 ÷ 10
  • x = 0,33 second

In other words, it will take 0.33 second to kill the enemy with accurate Shots to the chest with this example gun.

Using this method, you will be able to calculate the DPS of Automatic Guns and know which is best for killing faster in certain situations.

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