Battlefield 2042 – Anti Helicopter Specialists Guide

This guide will help you deal with pesky helis.

How to Attack Helicopters

Are helicopters ruining your Battlefield experience?

Dealing against helicopters are frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some specialists that can help you deal with those pesky Little Birds (and more).

Navin Rao + FA XX Anti Aircraft Missile

Use Navin Rao’s gadget to disable any vehicle, which disables all their offensive and defensive capabilities. Once you have hacked a chopper, immediately lock on to the heli and take your shot. The enemy cannot use countermeasure, so ez klll.

Sundance + FA XX Anti Aircraft Missile

Sundance has the auto lock on anti armour grenades, which can eat away enemy countermeasure. After using one of those nades, immediately lock on to the target.

Angel + FA XX Anti Aircraft Missile

If you are running out of missile ammo quickly, choose Angel. Angel can call in a loadout crate, which will replenish your ammo to full. Make sure your loadouts have the FA XX Missile equipped.

Notable mentions

The NTW 50 Anti Material sniper rifle is a nightmare for all vehicles. It’s a deadly combo with both M5 Recoiless and FA XX missile. However, it requires Level 60 to unlock that rifle.

Happy hunting!

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