Battlefield 2042 – Guide to Inconsistent FPS Fix/Disable Origin Overlay

FPS Fix/Disable Origin Overlay


If you noticed inconstant FPS, giving the impression Battlefield 2042 is running at lower frame rate than what you are actually getting, plus it tends to fluctuate from a session to the other and you ultimately got a well performing PC, you might have the same issue as I did and I found a definitive fix for it.

There are already guides available about optimizing the FPS, this guide isn’t about that but addressing one specific software component that might be the culprit of the overall degraded experience in Battlefield 2042: Origin Overlay

Like Steam, Origin has it’s own overlay (shortcut is “SHIFT”+”F1” when in-game) and because you allegedly bought the game on Steam, both are started by default. Unlike previous Battlefield games, you don’t need the Origin overlay to invite/join friends hence it can be disabled unless you want to be able to use the Origin chat when playing.

Overlays, in general, tend to not really like each other and could cause performance issues. Even though the overlay can be disabled for all Origin games or specific ones, starting the game from Steam did always cause the Origin overlay to be present in my case:

Origin overlay should be disabled, right? Well…

Fix: Permanently Disable Origin Overlay

Locate your Origin folder. Default:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin

Select “igo64.dll” file:

Rename the file to something different. For exemple: igo64.dll.BAK


You should no longer see the Origin notification when starting the game. Additionally, pressing “SHIFT”+”F1” should no longer do anything.

If you want to re-enable the Origin overlay, rename the .DLL file to the original name.

Because Battlefield 2042 is CPU intensive and Origin is a CPU hog, you should notice an improvement by disabling it, at least it really helped in my case getting a pleasant and smooth experience with very few exceptions knowing that things will further improve, hopefully, next week after the Patch #3 release.

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  1. I noticed a 5-10 frames increase, also the steam overlay goes away, which is fine considering the benefits, thanks

  2. Gonna try this out.

    I have noticed MAJOR performance issues when I have ANY window open in the “Shift+Tab” Overlay on Steam.

    Make sure you dont even have the friends list open, especially no one profiles. Just “x” them out and it may help you with performance. Even when the friends list is open my CPU shoots to 100% and the game is literally unplayable.

  3. Ok big thanks to you sir :)! now i can hold 60+ FPS befor i was around 40-70fps now 60-75fps did not thing it would work so well.

  4. This game hits my cpu to 100% and I can only get 20 frames. If i didnt know better i would think they were using my cpu to mine crypto.

  5. I’m getting a more consistent 60 fps thanks. Hopefully they fix the performance issues with the game. Sucks it disables the steam overlay too but the fps drops were annoying

  6. This game hits my cpu to 100% and I can only get 20 frames. If i didnt know better i would think they were using my cpu to mine crypto.

  7. Thanks 😀 i get more than 25Fps with this solution! Thannks! Finally i can play Battlefield!

  8. Okay, i was looking through the folders and i cant find igo64.dll.BAK but i did find a lot of twitch/ttv apps. I don’t have a twitch and I’m willing to delete anything to get this game running at a reasonable frame rate.

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