Battlefield 2042 – How to Fix Grenades and Double Sprint

This guide contain valid fixes for grenades and double sprint in Battlefield 2042.

Guide to Fix Grenades and Double Sprint

All credit goes to Space7Panda!


Hello, fellow gamers. So you are basically annoyed by wasting your gamer energy by double-tapping Shift each time? Yeah bro let’s fix that!

Go to:
Options -> Mouse & Keyboard -> On foot-> Always use Traversal Sprint -> On

Grenades Throw

Are you tired of wasting your gamer time and energy by clicking G and then the Left mouse button to throw a single grenade? Are we playing Arma or something? Let’s fix that!

Go to
Options -> Mouse & Keyboard -> On foot-> Quick Throw Grenades -> On


Also i recommend:

  • ADS Field of View -> On.
  • Revive interaction -> toggle.
  • Request/ski[ revive -> toggle.
  • Reload hints -> off (at least untill they fix reload ui bug).
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  1. people get used to the timing of incoming grenades on a map where the first contact is expected to come from both teams rushing towards the middle at a specific time , people are jockeying for map position to get ahead of the crowd so if you are slower it means walking into a scoped sniper shot from someone who was already in position

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