Battlefield 4 – How to Fix Error Messages

Guide to Fix Error Messages


An error message was reported by EA Online.

You might get this if you have more than one ID linked to your EA Account, like if you play on both PC and on PlayStation.

To get past the error:

  1. Log in to Battlelog and click on your name in the top right.
  2. Click Change Soldier.
  3. Your active Soldier should have a green switch in the Active column next to their name.
  4. Slide that switch off and choose another Soldier by clicking on their Active switch.
  5. Try launching Battlefield 4 again and see if you can load in on this Soldier.
  6. If you load in properly, go back to Battlelog and set the Soldier you want to play on to active again.
  7. If you have more than two Soldiers, you may have to cycle through these steps a couple of times with different Soldiers to get things working again.

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