Bean Stalker – General Tips

No order to this. Just a bunch of random tips and mechanics.

Tips and Tricks

Index Controllers

  • If you have issues with grabbing and dropping items then adjust grab and release thresholds in the SteamVR controller settings for the grips.
  • I go with 100 for grab and 70 for release.
  • Hands get sweaty and it confuses the Index controllers.
  • Try pointing a fan at yourself while you play to cool off your sweaty hands.
  • Hold thumbstick press to run can damage thumbsticks and it sucks trying to press it at an angle.
  • Remap run to another button using SteamVR controller bindings.

Get Grapple Hook ASAP

  • Grapple Hook is fast rapid fire so use that to move fast.
  • Climbing pick in one have and grapple hook in other hand.
  • You can throw yourself with the pick.
  • Grapple negates fall damage.

Get sword ASAP and keep it handy

  • Seems like sword recharges it’s damage so waggle doesn’t work.
  • Look for the sword streaks to know the recharge rate.
  • I usually keep a sword on one shoulder and a grapple on the other shoulder.

Long range weapon

  • I keep a long range weapon in my backpack.
  • The weapon can reload by putting it over your shoulder for a couple seconds.

Main Quest: Focus on your main quest

  • Main Quest is how you’ll unlock all the items and progress faster with reward loot.

Sprint button also works while your falling, jumping

  • Use sprint to jump and grapple across longer gaps.


  • Food or potions can revive friends (Mushrooms, Mangos).
  • When feeding self or reviving others bring food close and wait until it turns purple before pressing trigger.
  • Everyone has to be together and not downed to end a level.
  • Long range grapple: Great way to save yourself from a long fall.
  • There are scrolls on your wrists with info and missions.
  • You can let a friend borrow equipment by turning off snap to inventory temporarily and dropping the equipment.
  • Move with friend. Game is easier if you stick together and go down same vines together.
  • Ranged Interact: You can use ranged interact to interact with zip lines, levers, and pick up things at a distance.
  • You can dual wield swords for more melee damage.
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