Beasts of Bermuda – How to Deal with Fog in Ory Burrows

Don’t like the fog in your burrow? You can remove it. Even if you did not make it in the first place.

Guide to Deal with Fog (Orycto Burrows)

What to do if you just dug it?

  • If you just dug a block of fog you can just dug it back in and the fog will disappear.
  • You can also place something on that specific block and the fog will also disappear.

What to do if you have a bit cavern or a big burrow dug out and you are unsure where if that fog block

  • First of all, try to find the most dense fog place.
  • Put blocks or stuff somewhere near it on different levels until fog starts to “respawn”.
  • Then just dig this place back.
  • It should take no more then 5-7 blocks if you do it right.

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