Beasts of Bermuda – Oryctodromeus Guide

Guide to Oryctodromeus


So you want to play the rat bastard of legend? Good for you. Here is a short guide to give you the rundown. You aren’t good at killing anything that isn’t rex, a flyer, a beached marine, or velo. (when outside of a burrow) Remember this and you will do well. You have a blinding attack, use it when chased to escape.

The Secret to Immorytality

Three talents are all you need to win every single fight (by running away):

  • Swift Claws
  • Sturdy
  • Sand Hoarder

These three talents are that which put ory into Triple S tier, the highest in the game. This is due to their effects. if you, assuming you have 5/3 in each talent, are ambushed by say, anything really, and it hits you, you can still get away as perhaps the squishiest animal in the game. Why? Simple. 5 sturdy already allows you to survive any realistic single hit (Including rex bites), 5 Sand hoarder keeps whatever attacks you blinded for 5+ seconds (Assuming its something faster that could run you down like trope), and 5 swift claws allows you to instantly enter burrows, where their comfort will tank if you let them come in, or they don’t fit and you get away scot free.

Burrow Locations

First things first, depending on how you want to play, its best to find the maps either most popular spots, or least popular spots, and narrow it down from there.

A few good things to look for in burrow locations include

  1. A nearby water source, clean by default.
  2. High altitude location, so floods don’t force you out.
  3. Flat ground, digging a burrow on the peak of a hill means you cant expand as much without digging all the way down to ground level.

Burrow Types

There are 2 kinds of burrows:

  • The DP and the NP.

The DP is what is known as a death pit, you have likely seen them before.

They consist of a simple pit, 3×3 wide from the entrance and preferably 10 tiles deep with a 1 tall area at the bottom for the ory to nibble their intruder from. These are what you should make in a high population area, as murder is funny.

The NP is what is known as a Normal Person. You picked up ory to play it like a prairie dog. Go you I guess. What you should do is make an absolute maze of a burrow, so that intruders cannot reach you quickly. Various rooms for different farms, hiding, and multiple exits are great. Remember, you pick the prairie dog, you run from your problems.

Pictured – A Megaraptor in a Death Pit

Burrow Rooms

There are multiple rooms one may add into a burrow. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Potato farms
  • Cucumber farms
  • Crystal farms
  • Death Pit (DP only)
  • Sleeping room (NP only)
  • Stockpiles (Collect the ferns and bias from above)
  • TTAW (Tunnels to alternate water, in case your source gets boring)
  • Escape Tunnels

Side note – other farms do exist, but are not recommended. Mushrooms poison you, garlic and yams aren’t as good as potatoes and crystals, and bones sure do exist I guess.

Parting Words

As a few final tips

Your build doesn’t matter much once you have the aforementioned secret to Immorytality, but if you prefer you can just run around and experiment with different talents.

If you plan to run the gauntlet without running the map, make massive farms prior to beginning.

This guide was made for official servers, do not complain if you end up banned from an unofficial for “ExPLoItINg” or “OvEr aGGrO”.

Orycto is particularly amusing in swarms. Perhaps find a buddy, build up your numbers, and drown the local weiner pack in rats.

All creatures fit in a 3×3 death pit, including apas. Growth is irrelevant.

Good luck, God speed, and may the digma male mineset lead you to glory.

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