Bendy and the Dark Revival – Early Game Tips

Tips to Early Game

  1. Do not waste resources on those safe n sound station tickets. Get maybe one or two in case of emergencies, but truth be told there’s so many places to hide that you shouldn’t really need to use those tickets, and the resources that go into making them also go toward upgrading something far far more useful, so don’t waste resources on tickets.
  2. Another “Do not waste” tip. Don’t feel compelled to spend all the tokens on vending machines or eat all the food in sight (except for the Bacon Soup obviously). Practically nowhere you go in the game once combat is introduced is visited only once, and even if you clear it out, enemies can reappear to keep tension up. They’re not hard to kill, but you may run out of coins and food fast if you aren’t careful.
  3. As far as I know you can’t kill the 4th one. She’s annoying, and seemingly impossible to hit. Don’t bother, save your food for after her attacks.
  4. Aim for the head. Obviously.
  5. No matter how fast you click or press the buttons, the max speed of swinging your weapon is set in stone. You can hold down the attack button to get the same result.
  6. No matter how far you go when you use the ability, it counts as completely spending itself and has to fully recharge for the same amount of time. Meaning if you try to use it while being chased, you won’t be able to use it in rapid succession.
  7. Barrels and boxes can be broken to make new hiding places. Might as well swing at everything at least once.
Written by Fierce1

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