Bendy and the Dark Revival – Familiar Faces Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Familiar Faces Achievement

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Find All 10 TheMeatly

TheMeatly Locations (All behind a Boris poster):

  1. In the top back area of the Heavenly toys area where the Hardly Working Audio is located.
  2. In Animation Alley, a breakable wall leads into an office with a bendy motivational poster. It is to the right of that poster.
  3. When you walk into the first open area of the locker room, it will be located on the right.
  4. Right before the area you meet Porter. It is in the small room transition that has ink on the floor.
  5. In the Lost and Found room next to a desk with a blueprint.
  6. In the hallway between the widow king arena and the sewers. There is one ink spider egg on one side and the poster on the other.
  7. In the alleyway of the town, it is located up high and requires the dash ability
  8. In the Gent building right after you get out of the first vent, it will be on the right side by the power station.
  9. There is a sofa In the Alice fight arena with a poster above it. It is on the ground floor.
  10. In the North wing corridor with all the Keepers. It is on the right side of the walls before the start of the stealth sections.

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