Bendy and the Dark Revival – How to Unlock the Door (Chapter 5)

So you might have found yourself stuck along with a certain Angel trying to solve the riddle she presents to you almost halfway trought chapter 5. Don’t worry pal, i’ve got just the guide you need.

Code for Unlocking

So what’s the right code to open the door?

The code is “Bunny – Bear – Bird – Fox”.

Altought this worked for me, i’m unsure if the code changes beetwen Users, Anyways hope this helps!

Written by Valzan


  1. Please can anyone hep about ths, I hope there would be someone seeing this message and help me with this issue

  2. I had a little problem at the beginning of chapter 5. I stand up and none of the controls work. I could not move. Do you have any idea to solve this?

  3. Reminder that all door codes and puzzle combinations are constant between playthroughs, so it will save you time to remember what it is and not have to go search for the code again

  4. When I come to this part I thought i could just blindly solve it like a lot of the puzzles but the moment I heard the Lost Ones speak, I immediately grabbed a note card and a pen cause I knew there was no F&*$ing way I’m solving this in my head…

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