Beneath the Mountain – Hidden Input List (Not Represented in the Keybind Menu)

There are some imputs that are currently in the game but not represented in the keybind menu.

List of Hidden Inputs

X – Hold position

Unit will stay put no matter what. Useful for units holding the line in formation to prevent them from attacking enemies, and useful for miners/engineers you want to keep in a safe location during an invasion.

G – Guard Mode

Units will stay put unless an enemy enters an area within a small radius around that unit. It will attack nearby enemies and return to the original location once enemies are dead or enemies leave that area.


Holding control when issuing an attack command will force your unit to stay at their current location if the enemy is out of range. Very useful with ranged units like Tunnel Scouts in your back line to attack enemies but not move from their safe location in the back line.

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