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All credit goes to Swisspike !

Story mode. When you are asked to get one rounded display case, don’t buy one, buy THREE.

This way, you can sell cheap flowers, cheap gifts, AND expensive gifts.

I was getting $2400 profit a day by the end of the first week. a storage unit for the back. Your employees will automatically restock the display cases.

Next..with your first employee, don’t put him directly in the store. He (or she) sucks. Train them for several days. You’re making 2k+ profit per day, and their training is only about 15% of your profit. My dude, day 14 now, is trained up to almost 70%.

Give yourself one day off a week, to re-stock. I left my apartment at 7:30 am, and didn’t get finished re-stocking until 5 pm. You’re just not going to do this in an hour or two.

Track your sales, daily. I am at the very start of my third week, with a full week of sales. I just boosted up the cost of my three products, incrementally. I will see total sales, and total profits, at the beginning of the next week. I will PRECISELY determine what price gets me the most profit this way.

Buy cleaning supplies, and when your store closes each evening, clean to 100%. This is a no brainer. LOTS easier to do it, and still get eight hours of sleep, instead of trying to do it in the morning, when you’re pretty busy.

I have already spent twelve thousand dollars getting the most expensive interior for my store, floors and walls. If you don’t, you will lose ratings, customers, and money, FOREVER.

I still need music.

My first employee is part time. I have him working six days a week, for four hours. 9 am to 1 pm. I work the rest of the time, from 1 pm to close at 8 pm. This gives me all morning to run errands, AND saves me a buttload of money. $35 an hour for 24 hours in a week is $840 a week. Full time, at 40 hours, is $1400 a week. I can use this extra $560 a week for other things. I only work seven hours per day, plus the cleaning.

I am not sure if I will ever hire a cleaning guy. This is a LOT of money. Many when I am rolling in the dough.

Buy a truck. Holds twenty boxes. I need about eleven boxes a week for my three products, total. Can’t do it in the starting vehicle, unless you make two trips. Nope. Inefficient. Get the truck. Take Monday off, get your four boxes of cheap, four boxes of expensive gifts, two boxes of cheap flowers, and some paper bags.

There are two wholesale stores. Use the one farther south. It is cheaper, and a drive through.

Using the information above, I am generating about $17,000 profit a week. I plan on completely paying off my loan, and saving up – cash – to start my second business.

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