Bingus: My Beloved – Definitive Guide to Easy Coin Farm

Easy money farm for Bingus: My Beloved.

Easy Coin Farming Guide


In Bingus: My Beloved, there is a Report Card menu. In this menu, you are able to buy Icons and text effects. These need coins in order to buy though, which can be hard to get. You gain these through the variety minigames in the game. These are: Piano, Dodgeball, and Baking.



The piano minigame is essentially a rhythm game. You press Q,W,E, and R to play each key. You play a key once the ring associated with its colour goes over it. There are two combos, early and perfect. A perfect combo is when you hit a note when it is directly over the key, while an early combo is when you hit a note before it is fully covering the key.



  • Song is 20 seconds long.
  • Notes are easy to hit.
  • Avg. score/money is around 70.


  • Song is around 40 seconds long.
  • Notes go faster, but still relatively easy to hit.
  • Avg. score/money is around 200-230.


  • Song is around a minute long.
  • Notes go at the same speed as hard, but there is a lot more.
  • Avg. score/money is around 800-850.


The piano minigame is short, but effective. As of writing this, the combos don’t go away even when messing up, and so it is perfect to grind on.



In dodgeball, the player moves around using arrow keys. The goal is to avoid any red dodgeballs, and to throw some back towards the enemies. You can dodge (or roll) with the shift button,but if you have a ball in had, you will drop it. Also, dodging leaves you invincible, giving you the ability to dodge through balls. The player can pick up balls by simply going over them, and you can throw them with the space bar. Hitting multiple cats at once with the dodge ball grants a combo/bonus. Once you eliminate all players, you move onto the next level. Moving through levels will give you the opportunity to get a perk.

These are:

  • Freezing a Random Enemy.
  • Increase Movement Speed.
  • Increase Dodgeball Throw Speed.
  • Increase Dodgeball Size.
  • Dodgeball Magnet to Player.

Also, beware of popcat, popcat moves fast.


The dodgeball minigame is currently bugged. It takes away coins and does not count levels being completed.



In this game, customers appear with a desired menu item over their heads. Your goal is to build them the desired cupcake. You do this by using left click to select an item and pressing left click once again on them to drop the item, it does not work on their head, I suggest clicking on their torsos. You then build their cupcake by continuing to click and drop.


Normal Mode

  • Customers wait for about 20 seconds.
  • Time limit consists of 2 minutes.
  • Avg. amount of money per round is between 150-200.

Hard Mode

  • Customers wait for about 15 seconds.
  • Time limit consists of 2 minutes.
  • Avg. amount of money per round is between 170-200.

Impossible Mode

  • Customers wait for about 8 seconds.
  • Time limit consists of 2 minutes.
  • Avg. amount of money per round is between 180-200.


The baking game is OK for making money. The amount you get doesn’t increase much per difficulty, so I would suggest just grinding on the Hard mode.


At the end of it all, the Piano Minigame is the best and easiest one to play for money. Not only does it give a buttload of coins, it is also extremely short compared to the other two. The game has just come out, and is expected to make some fixes.

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