Bit Heroes – FPS Fix

In 2022 I started playing Bit Heroes on my PC and noticed that the load from the game on the system is very large. So I decided to look into this issue. The problem turned out to be unlimited fps, now I will tell you how I fixed it.

The Fix

Not so long ago I started playing Bit Heroes and noticed that the game takes a lot of resources. The problem was in fps. to fix it, you just need to set the FPS limit.

For this:


Go to NVIDIA Control Panel (or other) > 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings. Change the Max Frame Rate to On and set the maximum FPS allowed. (in my case 120) can be lower.

Agree, you do not need a full 144 frames per second on a monitor with a frequency of 60 Hz. In turn, the graphics card works at 100% to deliver 144 frames that you can’t see. The 75 frame limit primarily reduces the load on the video card.

AMD Radeon Software

Radeon Chill technology reduces the frame rate when the user is inactive and quickly increases it during active activities. Frame rate limiting is used to reduce power consumption and heat generation.

Go to Radeon Settings > Gaming > PC Gaming. Select the desired game (in which we will limit the FPS value) and drag the Radeon Chill slider to the Enabled position. Specify the value of the Minimum and Maximum frame rate, fps. In dynamic scenes, the maximum limit will be used, in calm scenes, the minimum.

Under Settings > Graphics card, select Advanced. Here appeared the Target Frame Rate Control, which allows you to specify the maximum frame rate allowed. Unlike Radeon Chill, it does not have a lower target frequency value.


  • FPS limiting for games can be activated directly in the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Software. You don’t even need to use third party software. In principle, in games with normal optimization, vertical synchronization will be enough.
  • It should be used to reduce the operating temperature and power consumption of the graphics card. In some cases, it is possible to reduce the operating temperature by up to 15 °C. It all depends on the specific game. In any case, the possibility of restriction is needed.
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