Black Mesa – Deathmatch Weapons Guide

Let you know which weapon is powerful and which weapon is useless.

All Weapons Overview


  • The best start weapon.
  • Fast speed and great damage.
  • But crowbar is not shotgun.

Glock Pistol

  • Attack2 (right mouse by default) has 6x fire rate but it will decrease accuracy
  • .Attack (left mouse by default) has high accuracy but low fire rate.
  • Super low damage, do not use after picking up other weapon.
  • Well but it is still a gun after spawning.


  • Everytime you spawn, you will have 3 (sometimes are 2) grenades.
  • You cannot pick it up on multiplay.
  • You can cook grenade before throwing but be caution the explode time of grenade is 5 seconds.
  • Throwing grenade will do nothing while you and your enemy are face to face.


  • Good damage.
  • Use toggle_zoom rather than +attack2 zoom.
  • The second choice for snipers.


  • The only choice for snipers.
  • Attack2 then +attack for quick scope.
  • Well +attack explosive bolt still has good damage if you hit player’s body.
  • You can use explosive bolt to do damage boost.


  • Not just a grenade laucher.
  • It has good damage.
  • Well the grenade also has good damage.


  • +attack – fast but little low damage.
  • +attack2 – super high damage but super slow.
  • choosing +attack and +attack2 depends on your situation.

Tau cannon

  • You can do tau cannon jump on multiplay.
  • Tau cannon jump + long jump module can make you fly.
  • High damage with full charging.
  • You can do wallgauss thing like half life 1 deathmatch (not the same, watch my wallguass guide for more details).

Gluon Gun

  • Highest DPS.
  • We call it “noob gun”.
  • “Noob gun” means its powerful.

Hivehand (hortnet)

  • Toy gun do not use!

Satchels (C4)

  • Left mouse to throw it and right mouse to explode it.
  • You can press +use (E by default) to pick it up.
  • Be caution while picking up others’ satchel.
  • Your satchel will explode after you die.


  • Gives other player surprise.


  • Useful while you cant use grenades to kill others.
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