Black One Blood Brothers – All Collectible Locations

Locations of all the current collectibles for achievements.

Locations of All Collectibles

Quick General Information

  • If you’re having a hard time reading my maps/screenshots/descriptions, the exact location of the collectible is where my Squad Leader icon is located so just look for the Squad Leader icon on the map and line up your own map and you’ll find it (hopefully). Generally “Mike” is the Squad Leader.
  • The collectibles will show up in the same locations even after collecting them, you can collect them again with a higher difficulty setting to complete your “Trophies” collection for each difficulty level under your Career > Rewards section.
  • All of the collectibles are based off of real books about French units. Specifically the GIGN, BRI, and French Commandos Marine.

GIGN: Confessions d’un OPS

Map: Elegance Airport

  • Third plane on the runway (from the hangars, facing towards the trees/fence) Window Seat, 3rd row from the back of the plane.

Due to my own poor choices it might be hard to make out, but the cluster of guys in red squad in the third plane is where the collectible book is located. Specifically look for the Squad leader. Usually that is the guy named Mike.

BRI: Les Formes de L’ombre

Map: Central Hospital

  • Second Floor, from the front (Central Hospital sign), West Wing, second room, on the desk next to monitor and lamp.
  • If you are using the stairs on the outside in the West Wing, it is the second room on the right side.


Map: Vallenwood Villa

  • Second Floor of the house on a bookshelf, middle room between the stairs that lead to attic and stairs that lead to ground floor.

Easiest one to find due to map size.

Objectif: Forces Spéciales

Map: Burnwood Mansion

  • Located in the attic of the mansion, on a mattress that is on the ground.
  • From a top-down view with the front of the house (with stairs to the front doors) facing the top of your screen, the mattress is located Top Right (in map view, hide the roof of the building).
  • Quickest way to the attic is to enter from the Left side of the house (from top-down, front with stairs facing top of screen), is a stairway that leads to a door (next to it is another set of stairs that lead to wine cellar). Past this door is another stairway that leads up to the attic.

Homme D’action

Map: Jin-Shu Temple

  • Located in building that is directly across from the “hills”, behind the house is a large patch of trees.
  • It is the vertical building (top down view with “hills” to the top) between the “big house” (should be on the right), and a similar sized house that is facing horizontally (to the left)
  • On a table, can’t miss it.

The squad leader Icon in the map pictures is right where the collectible is if the map screenshot is a little tough to read and make out.

Final Notes

  • I didn’t list or show which spawn points I used. This is because I use “Random Insertion”. Saves time starting up a mission but also royally screws me if the spawn isn’t great. I might redo this guide and include which spawn points to use.
  • “Chef de Guerre” is probably the easiest one to find due to map size and its location.
  • I would argue “BRI: Les formes de l’ombre” is also easy to find once again due to map size, sure its a little tedious having to go room-to-room but the overall the size of the map + the space inside the rooms makes navigating around under NVGs fairly easy.
  • “Objectif: forces spéciales” is medium difficulty if you ask me, the difficult part is navigating the mansion, you have lots of tight spaces that can make navigation and searching difficult especially under NVGs, the wine cellar is…well….its a wine cellar. At least the attic is easy to navigate. Do yourself a favour and do it during the day…or not. I haven’t tried it during the day so I have no idea what the map looks like. Hell I have no idea what most of the maps look like during the day, I literally play all my missions during the night with thunderstorm and rain or snow.
  • “GIGN: Confessions d’un OPS” isn’t too bad, the only difficult part is the distance one has to cover, and of course, clearing the plane(s). Map size was the only difficult part if you ask me.
  • “Homme D’action” was my least favourite only due to navigating the map. Luckily the collectible was right there.
  • At the time of writing, apparently only 0.10% of people have found “Chef de Guerre” and “Objectif: Forces speciales”. The other three are 0% (or 0.01% according to my rarest Steam achievements, I’m not sure if that 0.01% is just me or me and a handful of people, but it might very well be me since all the other achievements are still 0% at the time of writing). I feel special. Let me have my moment of being possibly the first to find the other three and making this guide. Okay special moment over, hope this guide helps.


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