Black Space – All Weapons Guide

This guide covers descriptive information about all weapons available in Black Space.

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Welcome to a descriptive overview guide of all the current available weapons in Black Space. Each available weapon will get an own section in which you can get information about what the weapon actually is and some advices on how to use it. Have fun!


Projectile gun

The projectile gun is basically a machine gun shooting bullets in the direction of the view. The bullets will automatically disappear after a while, but they have a very far direction and can hit targets that are far away.

The projectile gun is not very strong, but normally you have a large amount of ammo for that weapon, so keep it as a backup weapon if you run out of ammo of other stronger weapons.

Laser gun

The laser gun is stronger than the projectile gun, but does also count to the default backup weapons. It shoots less bullets per time moment than the projectile gun, but it does cause more damage.

If you run out of stronger weapons, you should stick to the laser gun as a backup.

Rocket launcher

The rocket launcher is a strong weapon that causes much damage. Normally you would need just a few hits and your target is destroyed. The disadvantage is that it does not has a big range like laser or projectile gun, so you should come a bit closer to your target.

Circle pulse

The circle pulse weapon is a pure defensive weapon. It emits a circle pulse around your ship that shortly increases in size and then disappears. All targets in it’s range will be caused massive damage to.

It is best suited to counter very close ships or incoming weapon bullets.

Three-shots laser

The three shots laser weapon shoots three lasers where the middle one heads towards the direction of the view and the left and right one slightly moves to the sides, so you can have a wider range of hits, you can even hit multiple ships at once.

It is a very strong weapon and when you are close enough to a ship you can hit the target with all three laser bullets at once causing massive damage. It’s best suited for close chasings.

Electrical pulse

The electrical pulse is a close combat weapon that emits a lightning bolt in the direction of the view.

It is a very strong weapon, if not the strongest, causing extreme damage to the target. The only disadvantage is that you have to come relatively close to your target.

Plasma ball

The plasma ball does not directly destroy a ship. Instead it reduces the targets ship health to exaclty 1 means you just have to cough at it for it to be destroyed. So, regardless if the target has 15 or 100 hp, it will always be reduced to 1. So in combination with, e.g., the projectile gun, this weapon can be a very effective tool.

Aiming rocket

The aiming rocket aims at the nearest target and flys directly into it causing massive damage. It is a very strong weapon and helps you hitting the target. It’s useful if you have just missed the target directional wise, so the aiming rocket will correct the direction and hit the opponent target.


The mine is what the name indicates. It is placed on your current position when dropped. If an opponent ship flys through it it will explode causing massive damage. Keep in mind that the mine is not really camouflaged, but dropping many mines in small arenas will make it hard for other ships to circumvent then.

Gravity vortex

The gravity vortex does not cause any damage, but instead it makes other ships stop moving and keeps them in it. This is especially useful as a trap, because then you can comfortably destroy the opponent ship preventing it from escaping your attacks.

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