Black Space – An Introduction Guide for New Players

This guide covers basic information about the game Black Space and gives some advices on how to play the game.

Beginners Guide

What Is This Guide About?

In this guide I want to give an introduction on Black Space, what it is about and how to play it. If you are new to the game then it might be very helpful to you to read this guide before playing the game.


Black Space is an arena space shooter (currently singleplayer only). That means that there is no real game goal except to make the highest score (or whatever goal the played gametype has if you stick to custom gametypes).

The default game types are versus, teamversus and hide and seek. In any case your goal is to get the highest score, so you, or your team, wins the current match.

Your controled ship is spawned in an area along with other ships and from that moment on you have to strategically move around, collect items and frag the opponent ships, or when it comes to hide and seek, take the lead as long as possible.

The game covers 10 different weapons, each with their own advantages and way how to use them.

The game is best suited for quick time wasting situations where you are just a bit bored, want to relax with an easy to use game or are in a waiting situation and want to pass time.

As a developer you can also create own game types via AngelScript or make your own maps.

Advices on How to Play

This section is about to give you some advices on how to play.

In any case you should never stand still, but rather fly around all the time. Be always moving. Then collect weapon items as often as possible. By default all weapons are unlocked with a specific amount of ammo varying by each weapon, so you might want to collect new ammo if your favorite weapon is out of ammo.

When you want to attack other ships be sure to regularly keep an eye on the mini map. This way you can see where all the opponent ships are on the map. Try to get closer to them and chase after them. If you get close enough then fire up your weapon. Some weapons need a closer distance then others. Note that the minimap is an essential part of the game, so skipping it will most likely just get you lost.

There can also be health items on the currently played map, so if you are low on ship health then collect them and refill it.

Be warned that asteroids can make huge damage as well as colliding with other ships. So, avoid asteroids at all costs and also avoid colliding with other ships.

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