Blade Assault – Basic Guide with Tips

Little guide and tips for make your run easier.

Guide to Basics

Danger Level

  • 5>: Just do whatever you want. Try your build there.
  • 5<: Follow the guide below.


You can pick any cores available from start to decide your game play. Here some overview.

  • Fire: DPS and Burst.
  • Ice: Defense/Survival.
  • Thunder: CC and Burst.

From my exp, the tier list of the element is thunder > fire > ice. But, every element is playable.

If you already have asset from your past run, buy every items from purple caped guy in below level, that can help your early game.

Early Game

  • At early, you need to build up survival and economic aspect. I not really analytical person, but I will order the gears pick up to make your run easier.
    • Any extra gem drop item (calculator, safe, thief’s glove, etc).
      In early game, your damage is still catch up with the stage. You still can beat the stage fast. Focus build your currency for mid and late game.
    • Immunity item (disc brake, rubber glove. etc).
      Immunity item is very important to make your character ignore any debuff, which can make your character stuck in one place and get chain damage. and you don’t need to pick it up multiple time. So, if the item show up in early stage, pick it! (important: knock back > shock > any.)
    • Cheese.
      Honorable mention.
  • Pick a room depend on core you pick before start. go to roses room if possible. you will need it later.
  • Roses for Core > Skill.
  • Use roses to upgrade core first then use the leftover roses for unlock skills.

Hotel Hanola

  • Check Max, the one who sell dishes, if you found “increase dash by 1”, Pick it (Important! Do It every time you there)!
  • Honk>Sophia
  • No drawback from Honk, for early game go buy some stuff from him is better choice. Sophia give a bigger permanent buff, with some drawback. In late game, you decide.
  • Go next stage.

Mid & Late Game Tips

  • Complete your immunity item.
  • Build your damage depend on build you desire. keep on mind, the RNG in this game quite good, you can make any build through you run. Take normal attack boost item always decent.
  • During your run, you might find a legendary gear. Pick it. Legendary gears is good for any build. (In my early run, If I get multiple choice of legendary gear, I just simply pick the bigger percentage. xD If you already know in depth about the game, choose the most suitable status for your build)
  • Stack the items, but I feel the cores is more dependable damage. so, skip some small chest is fine. Use it to upgrade your cores multiple times in the Ship.
  • After Flower Boss, the stage will be more punishing. try to evade all attack, the multiple dashes will be shine from here.
  • Keep invest to roses room to maximize your core, then your skills. Don’t hesitate to convert some of your currency if you need more roses (for me, I will convert some Blue USB currency if I need more roses). After beat Robot Boss you should already maximize your core and 2 of 3 skills if you do it like this guide.
  • The biggest thread on last stage is thunder bird, Priority to kill it first.
  • Take you time to learn the bosses pattern. some hit box is weird, but that on us favor. so don’t worry.
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