Blasphemous 2 – How Many Kills Until The Maiden Breaks?

How Many Kills Until The Maiden Breaks? 46 Exactly!

Go to the respawn area specified in the screenshot, continue to kill the flying pot mobs until you reach 46 deaths.

Then check the carved figure, it should have broken after the 46th kill.

It only takes 23 area resets via resting, about under 2 minutes once you get fast at it.

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  1. Another good place was the top right prie dieu in the palace of the embroideries. Just warp there, then go right, then up, then left, left again, then back to the prie dieu (basically make a counter-clockwise loop) while killing/parrying all the enemies along the way. I think it took around 3 loops for the statue to break once.

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