Blasphemous 2 – How to Open the Doors in the Room with a Huge Hand

99% Map: How to Open the Doors

You need the Broken Key. The Confessor, who removes your guilt, will give it to you once you reach the final boss. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen, but I didn’t receive it when I spoke with him.

However, you can still buy it for $6,000 (?) from the vendor in Forlorn Patio accessed via Streets of Wakes. He sells items that you might have missed if you messed up a quest line.

The other room you might be missing is the right-hand door in the Chapel of the Five Doves that allows you to access a second ending.

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  1. I did *not* kneel when I first met the hand, which is what prompted that question. I only remember this because that question made me really suspicious and I thought I might mess something up if I did. Still, even without kneeling, I didn’t receive the key. It’s all a moot point, but it’s making me curious what the exact conditions are for several items.

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