Bleak Faith: Forsaken – How to Fix Can’t Load Save Game

How to Load Your Save


Firstly you need to start a new game and give it a proper name on english (you need to go to the first save point in the game and receive your first save).

Then you have to close the game. Next you need to go to your *\AppData\Local\Forsaken\Saved\SaveGames (copy this folder somewhere on your pc just for backup).

Then in this folder you need to find folder Data and, being in it, replace files from the new save folder with files from the old save folder (there are 2 files Controller and GUID).

Also in the folder SaveGames you can also find 2 folders with save data (old and new).

So you need to do the same (replace file Autosave from new save folder with file from old save folder).

Then, being in the game, you just need to load your new save, not “None”. Hopefully it will help you too.

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