Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Wider FOV Guide

Wider FOV

Base max fov is 80º which is absurdly small, in case you want to get a wider fov download this:

Launch the game and when you can see your character and move, then launch UUU (not during menus/cutscenes)

Select -> process to inject to: “Forsaken-Win64-Shipping.exe” and click on “inject DLL”

Click on “configuration” on the left of the UUU program and check what’s the console key; I have it on Comma (,)

Click the shortkey and an ingame console will appear. Type fov 100, fov 120 or whatever value you want. Base max is 80, I’m using 120 right now and it looks soooo much better, comparison pic attached.

Sometimes when you click “inject” it won’t load the console ingame, you will see it because when you do so 3-4 black boxes appear at the top left corner of the screen, one of which says something like “console loaded, type X to open”; sometimes this doesn’t appear, no clue why, reloading both the game and the program usually fixes it.

You can use this program and follow these steps with most if not all Unreal engine games to get a wider FOV.


  1. Unreal Unlocker works for Unreal Games. That means you can traverse the whole map without walking.

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