Blonde Driver – Beginners Guide

Do you want to play Blonde Driver? Here’s how to get started.

Starters Guide


So you got this game for the achievements? Great! Getting all the achievements is quite simple. Simply launch the game from Steam, wait for the main menu to load, then wait 5 – 10 seconds. After a short time you will start getting achievements. Minimize the game and do something else or actually play the game while you continue to get all achievements until you have them all.

Playing the Game

If you actually want to play the game (which I recommend doing… you did buy it after all), you might be frustrated that you cannot get your vroom vroom to vroom (The car won’t go). I encountered this issue as well. What I did was I waited for all of the achievements to finish processing, then I bought the first upgrade for each category. When I tried to play after that, I had no issues.

Driving has basic keyboard controls.

  • W – Accelerate
  • A/D – Steering
  • S – Brake
  • E – Horn

and R toggles reverse.

When Reverse is toggled, everything else works the same, but your car will accelerate backwards.

The goal of the levels is to drive through each marker, then park in the designated area while having as few collisions as possible. As you progress through the levels, you will get money which you can use to buy more upgrades for your car.

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