Blood Job – 100% Achievement Walkthrough

Warning! This guide contains spoilers!

How to Obtain All Achievements

‏‏‎Follow these choices and you will get 100% achievements.

Enable skip option from the settings if you want to speed things up!

  • “Shower with Rachel”
  • “Accept Victoria’s proposal”
  • “Go with her”
  • “Accept Monica’s proposal”

Save #1 here

  • “Visit Janine at the pizza place and use your powers on her”

Load save #1

  • “Bureaucratic problem”
  • “Investigate”
  • “Accept Crystall’s teasing”

Save #2 here

  • “Visit your gym and get revenge on the bullies that were mean to you and Monica”

Load save #2

  • “Listen to the voices in your mind, follow your instincts”
  • “Let the voices take control”

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