Blood Ties – 100% Full Achievement Guide and Tips

Learn how to complete all achievements faster and how to kill the final boss!

How to Obtain All Achievements Fast


Here are some tips that will make your life easier in Blood Ties!

Level Up

During the game you will come across several dungeons, these can become quite repetitive throughout the game, but don’t be shaken… kill all enemies whenever possible this will make your life easier when facing the bosses! This is due to two reasons:

You will already be higher level, that is: more life and more stats besides having already released new skills.
You will have much more money, which will allow you to use level armor and have extra potions in your inventory, in addition to helping with achievements!


In all the dungeons of the game we can find chests, these contain items such as seeds of power, potions and sometimes equipment for our characters!

Note: If you went through a dungeon and didn’t find any chests on any of your maps, there’s something wrong there… You sure didn’t look anywhere!


At the end of a dungeon and/or before encountering bosses, there is always a hp and sp recovery crystal, just interact with it to have health and mana recovered!


If you’ve read the tips above, you know that money won’t be a problem, because we killed a lot of enemies and gathered a good amount… In addition, we’ll already have some good equipment collected in the chests, but an equipment upgrade is never too much!

In cities and castles we can find houses with a sign indicating the sale of equipment, whenever you see one of these you should go in and check if the equipment is worth it! Don’t forget to equip all 4 characters!


If you followed the tips so far, you probably won’t have difficulty with the bosses… The secret for them is always to have the best equipment possible, take potions with you to help in the battle and use Melissa’s and Cloe’s skills on them. same whenever possible to increase the damage done by your skills and also Melissa’s skills whenever possible so that the boss doesn’t attack you constantly!

Note: The final boss can give you some work… but using whenever possible the to not let him attack you – this boss’s damage is extremely high! – you will win the battle by spending some potions!


Let’s go to achievements! Blood Ties only have 5 of them and it doesn’t have much of a secret to perform them.

1 Hour Played

  • As the name suggests… Just play the game for an hour on the same save!

Note: We can check the time played by the game’s inventory.

5 Hour Played

  • Again, just play the game for 5 hours on the same save!

Note: Both in-game time achievements can be performed by leaving the game open, but the same cannot be in the famous alt+tab… The game must be in the foreground for time to count!

500 Gold

  • To get the achievement you must accumulate 500 gold in your inventory

Note: It is also possible to check the amount of gold in your inventory!

5000 Gold

  • Again to get this achievement you must accumulate an amount of 5000 gold in your inventory!

Note: It seems to be a lot, but following the tips you will be able to accumulate the amount even buying the equipment before finding the last boss… Just kill the enemies whenever possible!

Darkness defeated

  • This achievement is achieved by defeating the last boss and finally beating the game!

Note: Follow the tip to battle the last boss.

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