Bloons TD 6 – How to Get Infinite Paragons

Please note: all credit goes to xDmochi!

A step-by-step guide on how to get as many paragons you want in one game!

Guide to Get Infinite Paragons

Step 1: Farm

You’re going to need a lot of money to pull of this glitch, so use normal boss strats to get tons of money! I reccomend getting a good monkeyopolis with 4-2-0 farms.

Step 2: Get all tier 5 darts

Once you have enough money, place all 3 dart tier 5’s (5-0-0, 0-5-0 and 0-0-5).

Step 3: Get the cheapest tier 5 of the desired paragon

For this guide i will be using the boat paragon, in which the cheapest tier 5 upgrade is Pirate Lord. Keep in mind you can do this glitch on any map and with any paragon.

Step 4: Perform the glitch

Once you have enough money to buy the paragon you are going to glitch (in this case the boat paragon, costing 425k) you can perform the glitch by.

  • 1st: Selecting a Tier 5 dart that is not the same crosspath (For this example, either the Crossbow Master or the Ultra-juggernaut will work, but not Plasma monkey fan club.).
  • 2nd: Finding the hotkey to upgrade the tier 5 into a paragon (default hotkey is 1 for top path, 2 for middle path and 3 for bottom path.) In this case, I chose the Crossbow master so i would use the hotkey “3”.
  • 3rd: While selecting the dart tier 5, press and hold on top of the tier 5 you want to make a paragon (in this case the pirate lord).
  • 4th: Press the hotkey for upgrading (in this case “3”) and release the mouse button to select the boat. This is frame perfect, but you can retry infinitely. You will know it worked if it asks to upgrade to paragon while selecting the boat, like so.
  • 5th: Press okay and make a paragon!
  • 6th: Steps 1-5 as many times as you are able!

Step 5: Support

Get support towers to help buff your paragons and make them live longer!

  • Dart: Super Brittle, Cripple MOAB, Glue Storm.
  • Boomerang: Super Brittle, Cripple MOAB, Glue Storm.
  • Ninja: Super Brittle, Cripple MOAB, Glue Storm.
  • Boat: Tech bot powers hooked up to every boat paragon.

Step 6: AFK!

AFK with this strategy and get to super high rounds with ease!

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