Bloons TD 6 – How to Make Good Money with Boats

Today we make good money with boats.

How to Make Money

Choose a map with ample room for both boats and farms, like lotus island.

  • Now place a boat and upgrade to 0-0-2.
  • Then place two more boats and upgrade to 0-0-2.
  • Next upgrade all to 0-0-3.
  • Then upgrade 2 to 0-1-3 and the other to 0-2-3.

Next place a farm and get it to 0-2-4 (if you have the more valuable bananas mk otherwise it doesn’t matter.)

Repeat this process twice more but on the second one get three 0-1-3 boats and one 0-2-3 boat then upgrade one of your boats to 0-1-4 or 0-2-4.

Next sell your 0-2-4 farms and upgrade your 0-2-4 boat to 0-2-5 and get a 1-0-2 village make sure the village gets a lot of boats in range.

Now get 11 more merchantmen then get all of them to 0-1-4.

Next get 10 central markets (0-2-4 banana farm).

Now fill the rest of the water with 0-2-4 boats and upgrade your village to 1-0-4 (or 2-0-4 if you want).

And that’s it! now along the way you may need a bit of help dealing with bloons but don’t stop greeding!

Written by Fireball

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