Bloons TD 6 – Invigoration Achievement Guide

Please note: All credit goes to Jon Arbuckle!

In the 34.0 update, many new features were added, but who cares about those when a whopping one whole achievement got released!

How to Obtain Invigoration Achievement


This achievement says you gotta have 75 active buffs on your towers. What does this mean, you may be wondering. So first of, the 75 buffs can be on multiple towers, so not just one. Secondly, the buffs don’t have to be permanent (like 0-4-0 Village ability). Besides that, the achievement is fairly simple.

Map and Hero

In the 34.0 update, a new map was introduced. That being One Two Tree.

This map has lots of unique features, like opening up more space for each tower every few rounds. But the important part is that most of the plots of land give buffs to certain towers. So, if you place a magic monkey on a purple plot, the tower will get buffed. Placing multiple towers on each plot will make getting this achievement easy! Note: use smaller towers that don’t take up much space, such as: Dart, Ninja, Boomerang, Sniper etc.

For the hero, Etienne is the best choice, since his level 8 ability grants a buff to all towers on screen.

Use this guy, if you hate the French, use either: Benjamin or Gwendolin, since both buff certain towers.

Tower Recommendations

Middle Path Village provides a buff to all towers nearby, this turns into all towers on screen if upgraded into T-5.

Other options include: Overclock, Ultraboost, Alchemist Top Paths, Elite Sniper’s passive bonus to all snipers, Super Monkey Fan Club and Plasma Monkey Fan club, Sub Commander’s boost to all Subs and Energizer. All of these towers provide bonuses to other towers in range or otherwise.

I Did All of This, So What Do I Get?

You receive 3 Monkey Boosts and 3 Energizing Totems. Of course, you also got an achievement, so flex on your friends, family, neighbors etc.

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