Bloons TD 6 – Strategy for Defeating Elite Bosses

Defeating Elite Bosses

All credit goes to kaitou1011 !

The trick is def using paragons– do be careful not to just do tier one paragons, get your paragon sacrifices some pops and make sure you sacrifice as many towers as you need (or at least as many as you can reasonably get.) If you’re struggling with paragons, it may be more worth it to use Geraldo as a hero to get some paragon totems to help boost the power.

I also play bosses for funsies rather than ranked, I do coop with someone who also has double-money for bosses and I turn on my double-money for bosses, and I found a huge difference with the bosses to have those extra T5 sacrifices, so totems in one player might do you good. I also try and get a dark sun temple for the boss’ final tier, when I have the cash to spare (not always). Because I’m just playing unranked for fun, my coop partner and I also like to use our cash and instas on bosses because we don’t use them elsewhere– if you’ve got the money, start your elite bosses with a bunch of cash drops or instas for your main towers for the first tier boss, whatever, to help give your farming a boost. (keep in mind instas make TERRIBLE paragon sacrifices, so don’t use high level instas you plan to use as sacrifices.) Then once you’re more familiar with beating bosses, you’ll probably find you need the powers and instas less and less.

Playing with double money does give you a lot more room for creative use of strategies because you have more cash to work with– personally, I find that a whole lot more fun than figuring out what each week’s meta is. But there still is a certain level of meta to tower choice for any particular boss (no buffs for Lych, keeping towers of different types for Dreadbloon, ect), so do be aware that you can’t just go off into left field and still win just because you have extra money. Outside of Lych, you should absolutely get an ultraboost, permabrew, and whatever else you can buff your non-paragon towers with too. Some towers scale to higher levels better than others.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want your first paragon at/by the boss’s third tier. I personally think that’s where the big difficulty spike is. I find that to be a pretty universal thing across all bosses.

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