Bloons TD Battles 2 – Good Strategy Guide for F2Ps (Alch Buffed Neva-Miss)

This game is in a bad place at the moment. Few towers are strong for F2Ps because most of their good upgrades are locked behind a pay wall. This strategy can give you easy wins and wont take (too) long to unlock the needed upgrades.

F2P Strategy Guide

The Towers

Neva-Miss Targeting


The Star of the Show

When alch buffed, this tower becomes overwhelmingly valuable considering its cost.

It’s not the most powerful upgrade in the game (by a long shot) but when tier 4s take forever to unlock we need to work with what we got.

Not only does this output good damage, but it has functionally unlimited range and works equally well on every map.


3-x-x or (if possible) 4-x-x.

Alch buff is what makes Neva-Miss viable.

3-0-0 gives a tower

  • +1 damage per hit, +10% range, +2 pierce, and +11.1% attack speed (x0.9 attack cooldown).

If you’re new to the game don’t worry about what all that means but just know that it makes each of the 8 darts shot by Neva-Miss pop one extra bloon layer, damage 2 extra bloons, and shoot out more darts.

Note: Also lets Neva-Miss pop leads.

The crosspath depends on what you to accomplish.

Without getting too complicated.

3-2-0 has an extended duration.

I’d recommend using it on either 2 Neva-Misses or a Neva-Miss and your hero.

You can put it in the range of 3 towers but it might start to lose efficiency and value (depending on placement and buffed towers attack speed).

3-0-2 is great for buffing more than 2 towers.

Which crosspath you pick depends on how much you want to spend on Alchs and your playstyle.

Monkey Sub

We’re going to use multiple crosspaths with this one.

This tower patches all the holes created by our 2 other towers.

0-1-1 Will carry early game.

This is a great early game tower in general but we especially need it because our other 2 towers have an awful early game.

3-x-x Cheap and easy camo solution.

While not a perfect way to deal with camos, it will work well for us.


All will work well (Striker is probably the weakest but will still work).

The Strategy

Early Game

Throw down your hero and a 0-1-1 Sub (maybe 2 if needed).

Should hold off anything coming your way for a while.

Now spam send bloons to max your eco.

Preferably you’re going to want to be always sending waves because eco scales up and snowballs, so each little bit adds up.

You might need to add another sub, or upgrade one to 0-1-2, but generally this defense will work well for the entire early game.

Early-Mid Game

Keep building eco.

You can throw down an alch or ace when you need to.

It usually doesn’t matter which one.

Mid to Late-Mid Game

Get your Neva-Miss.

Have your Alch buff it.

Submerge and Support (3-x-x) for camos.

Eventually you might need to get another Neva-Miss (or a few) or some 0-1-2 Subs, but if you use your hero’s abilities well you’d be surprised how far you can get with just a few towers.

Late Game

Get more Neva-Misses (and subs if you want).

Get more Alchs if they can’t keep up with the towers they need to be buffing.

Try to end the game before your opponent can send DDTs because Submerge and Support usually isn’t able to de-camo them.

In Closing

I’m not going to get into when to attack by sending waves or how to properly defend against attacks because that’s a complicated topic that would be out of place here.

I hope you enjoyed reading even if you don’t plan on using this strategy.

Hopefully Ninja Kiwi will respond to current backlash by fixing the currently awful leveling system and we’ll be able to use whatever towers we want whenever we want but at the moment we need to commit to one strategy and I think this is a very versatile (and fun) one.

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