Bloons TD Battles 2 – How to Unlock Secret Bingus Monkey

Guide to Unlock Secret Bingus Monkey


The Secret Bingus monkey is a monkey that looks like the cat, Bingus. It shoots screams that can obliterate bloons and it is very powerful attack, but by default you cannot get the bingus monkey for battles, but i shall teach you the ways.

Step 1: Launch Battles 2

The most complicated step. You must go onto steam and click the giant “Play” Button this shall launch it.

Step 2: Sacrifice

Bingus monkey needs many sacrifices you must place 100 Dart monkeys on the map then in the middle you must send out 200 Regrow Reds out to the next player, they must be all on screen the same time. Bingus only can take Dart monkeys and regrow reds otherwise this shall not work.

Step 3: Excute Plan

Now that you have it all down you must place down a quincy down, this will be the creature that will be turned into Bingus, Wait till Quincy says: “You kidding nothing gets pass my bow” and then type the keys in order below:

  • T H E M E T A I S V E R Y B A L A N C E D A N D F A I R

Step 4: Profit

Hopefully then all the monkeys and regrow reds should go into quincy, similar to a paragon and turn the entire screen white then the screen should clear and you shall see… The Bingus monkey.. It is able to obliterate any bloons even regrow reds with the bingus screams. You must constantly feed it meta towers such as Monkey Ace, Helicopter & Farm. Thank you for reading i hope bingus guides you.

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