Bloons TD Battles 2 – Week 1: Tips and Tricks

A compilation of my in-game experience so far, to hopefully make your experience better.

Tower Choice

Your initial tower choices to invest in are probably one of the most important decisions starting out this game. Since the experience gain to unlock higher tiers is currently very slow, it is most efficient to pick only 3 towers to focus on, and unlock enough upgrades so that the tower has ample coverage over the many types of bloon rushes that can be sent out. Later on, you can use those higher tier towers to carry towers with fewer upgrades.

From what I have seen, these towers are the most widely used:

  • Tack (High popping power, very cost effective, weak to camos)
  • Bomb (Large group popping power, weak to camos)
  • Sniper (Full bloon type coverage, global range, fairly expensive upgrades)
  • Boat (Good single and group popping power, very cost effective, water only)
  • Wizard (High group popping power, De-camo, weak to purples)
  • Alchemist (Strong attack buff to other towers, decent group popping power)
  • Village (Camo to all towers, discount tower costs, increase attack speed)

Any Combination of 3 towers from the listed above has a strong possibility of surviving any rush up to round 26 if played correctly.

Hero Selection

Generally, I prefer Quincy over Gwen when just starting out. Quincy has more bloon coverage than Gwen, and does not have a weakness for purples and camo bloons. Quincy will be able to save you from leaks if you have no other camo tower unlocked from dying on round 22. Not to say Gwen isn’t good, but she gets stronger the later the game goes, which doesn’t happen in the current state of the game.

I would also say it is not vital to put down your hero first. A hero cannot fully solo the beginning rounds and the opponents eco. You can wait until round 2-3 when you have enough money saved to not interrupt your eco spam to put down your hero.

Bloon Economy

Bloon economy is one of the most important gameplay mechanics to master, it fuels your entire defense and offense. Learning when to send bloons, and what to send is the true difference maker.

Best** Bloon sends per round:

  • Rounds 1-2: Constant Grouped Reds
  • Rounds 3-4: Constant Grouped Blues
  • Round 5: Grouped Greens (Higher eco, less cost effective, greedy), or Spaced Whites (Most cost effective, slower build up)
  • Round 7: Grouped Yellows become available
  • Round 10+ Generalized: Send grouped Pinks for best eco until Grouped Whites appear. Send Grouped Whites until you can full send Grouped Pinks without stopping, (around round 22 or so).

** Disclaimer: This is not backed up by hard data, just experience and intuition. If you do have hard data on cost-ratio and send time, please link it in the comments.

Danger Rounds

It is important to keep track of when certain bloons become available to send to your opponent, making sure your defense is robust enough to defend all possible rushes at a given time with the most cost efficient means will generally win you the game.

Most of the listed towers in [Tower Choice] can easily make it to round 10 without any issues.

Important rounds to keep track of:

  • Round 10 is when you can send Lead bloons
    • Counters**: Gwen, XXX Bomb, 3XX Tack, X2X Boat, 1XX Sniper, XXX Alchemist, X1X Wizard
  • Round 11 can send Grouped Zebra or Purple Rushes
    • 204 Tack or Tack Spam, XX3 Bombs + Initial Popping tower, X3X Boat, 023 Sniper, X2X Wizard for Zebras
  • Round 12 in Yellow Stadium+ can send the previous rushes with Camo
    • 032 Boat, 230 Sniper, 023 Wizard, X2X Village
  • Round 16 can send Grouped Ceramics
    • Spam Group popping power
  • Round 18 can send MOABs
    • Tack, Boat, Sniper
  • Round 22 can send ZOMGs
    • Tack spam + Grouped popping for clean up
  • Round 26 can send DDTs
    • X3X Village, X4X Boat, 420 Sniper

** This is not a fully inclusive list. To save time and space, I will only be listing common counters from the listed towers in [Tower Choice]

Meta Resource Management

For non VIPs, you are able to claim a small bonus from the shop every 6 hours. You also get 3 free reward multiplier boosts as well.

Be sure you only use your boost on battles that you have: Won, Gotten First Blood, and No lives lost. Ideally, you should have a win streak going as well, but that’s much harder to get.

The longer the game goes on, the more experience you will gain for your towers. Unfortunately, its quite risky to purposefully extend the game, and a loss reduces the gained xp to a fraction of the winners (it feels like 1/5th, but don’t quote me on that), so always play for the ruthless win.

It’s still probably best to unlock all Towers first with Money Money before moving to purchase cosmetics or heroes.

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