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What’s Cafe?

This is the feature where you can earn Credit Points and AP based on Cafe’s Comfort level.

Tap or give a gift to a visiting student to earn Relationship Points.

  • Cafe is unlocked after clearing Mission 2-1 on Normal.

Tip 1! Students visiting the Cafe are reset twice a day (4:00 AM and 4:00 PM).

Tip 2! Tap a visiting student every 3 hours to earn Relationship Points.

Tip 3! Sensei can select and invite 1 student to Cafe every 20 hours.

What’s Gift?

Give a gift to a visiting student to earn Relationship Points.

You can earn gifts by crafting. You can gift 1 student multiple times.

Tip 1! Gift a student and check her reaction from the icon.

Students that have a large smile really enjoyed their gift.

What’s Cafe Rank?

The Cafe has a rank. It determines the number of students visiting, Max Comfort, AP Production volume, Credit Points Production volume,

Stored AP, and Stored Credit Points.

The Cafe Rank can be checked at [Comfort] from within the Cafe.

Use a Facilities Core as materials to increase the Cafe’s rank.

What is Cafe Comfort?

You can place furniture to increase the Cafe Comfort,

and the earnings such as Credit Points and AP increase as the Cafe Comfort increases.

You can receive the earnings by tapping the Cafe Earnings button in cafe.

Tip 1! You can benefit from a Set Effect by placing multiple furniture of the same set.

Tip 2! The max comfort, max visiting number of students, AP and Credit Points gain and storage limit increase according to the cafe rank.

How do I place furniture in cafe?

In [Cafe] – [Furniture Info], you can select currently owned furniture and place them where you’d like.

The position of the furniture can be changed using Editing Mode.

  • Furniture can be obtained via Crafting (Crafting Chamber).

[Tell me about Cafe Invitation function, too!]

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