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What are Lessons?

Lessons are content that offer lessons on each area through students who have been there.

You can proceed by selecting Lesson in the main lobby screen, and you can earn Relationship Points, Tech Notes, and more from Lesson Rewards. (You can obtain Relationship Points, Tactical Training DB, Tech Notes, and Eleph.)

  • Lessons are unlocked after clearing Mission 2-4 Normal.

How do I proceed with Lessons?

You can select an area and then select the student who visited that area to proceed with Lessons.

Students you haven’t gained yet may still visit each area, and 1 Lesson Ticket will be used when you proceed with Lessons.

Tip 1! Lesson Tickets and completed Lessons reset at 4:00 AM every day.

Tip 2! Proceeding with lessons for a student who has a heart displayed will earn you Relationship Points.

How do I increase Lesson Area Rank?

You can earn points and increase Area Rank by proceeding with lessons in each area.

You can visit more areas as your Area Rank goes up, and each Area Rank goes up to level 10.

Tip 1! Lesson Areas unlock based on the number of recruited students.

Tip 2! The higher the Area Rank is, the higher the chance is to obtain additional bonuses from Lessons!

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