Boneraiser Minions – Beginners Tips

Useful Tips for New Players


When you appear, immediately run to collect the bones from the gravestones, you need to collect all that are lying around at the start, until they disappear, or at least almost everything so that the scale of the bones shows more than 80. I occasionally even died on purpose to replay this moment, because every dice in this game is important. The first upgrades immediately after the start are important, because the faster your units can mow down enemies, the better for you.

Run for the Bones

Do not stand still, run around the map, carefully collecting the bones. Yes, I’m talking about them again – since this is your only source of survival in this game.

Run to where there are no enemies

When running, pay attention to enemies, while running, look for gaps not only next to you, but also in the distance, so that after a breakthrough you have room to maneuver. Are you surrounded? Don’t stand still hiding behind your units. Think of them as just turrets, they also don’t have shields to protect you. Although there are exceptions – when you are pinned, run towards their blades. Don’t be afraid, there is no friendly fire in this game.

Don’t touch the graves, don’t go far

When dodging, in order not to get stuck, try not to get too close to the edges of the screen. On the left and right at the spawn site of the enemies you will not see how you will be killed, from below on top you can get stuck on the sharp corners of the wall. Also, do not hide behind the graves, this will definitely play against you, you will inevitably get stuck there and die.

Use your environment wisely

Don’t forget that you’re not the only one who can get stuck traveling between graves. The graves can also slow down the enemy’s progress a little. And not only graves, appearing chests are also physically impenetrable, unless of course they are real. Also, over time, you will be able to buy special graves with various useful features and in some cases increased dimensions, which allows you to better protect yourself from the enemy.

Attention, this advice is applicable only in emergency cases, in battles with the second boss-knight it is especially useful. Don’t forget that you can’t hide behind the graves, but you can try to calculate the expected course of the boss’s travel from a distance and adjust it so that the barrier would delay him as long as possible at the moment of the dash.

Use everything to escape

If you have a sprint. Please use it constantly. Constantly keep your fingers not only on the run, but also on the sprint. But – do not pinch it all the time, because with a large concentration of enemies this is your trump card. This is your great way to most safely escape from the environment of enemies. Try to find the right distance and time for your sprint jump.

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