Boneraiser Minions – Contraptineer Class Tips

Tips for Contraptineer

All credit goes to ROBERTHATMAN !

Strengths: Instant access to powerful contraptions during mid-lategame eg Bushy Fruit / Big Lantern / Occult Cauldron. Easy access to bro minions.

Weaknesses: Fragile and dies easily.lacks firepower without clever use of contraptions. Special ability is a spell so it incentivizes rapid use of spells instead of saving them.

Important Necromancies: Doppelganger, Single Augur,Implings,bro/giant bro minions.

Augur and Implings are pretty obviously important. Doppelganger is useful as passive spell generation. Bro minions are useful for firepower and especially healing which it desperately needs.

Important Relics: Occult Pearl, Enboned Heart, Virginial Bow,Ward Amulet,Colossal Tooth[late game], Bottled Fairy,Funky Turnip,Soul Taint

Tips During Game

Do Not remove your expensive contraptions through architech mode. Instead you can sell them while playing and get scraps.

Sell as many contraptions as possible and convert them all into graveyards. Boneraise a

SINGLE zombie. Since zombros creates more zombros and so on this will give moderate firepower in early game. After enough zombros have been made you can convert the graveyards into required contraptions.This does not remove the zombros if you have them above the cap.

Do Not create more than two giant zombroid hulks as this fills up precious giant minion slots.Likewise do not create giant mages/fisters/archers.

Have one of every bro cap raising contraption like bushy fruit,fetid pumpkin etc.This is so that you can raise two bro minions, create it’s giant bro version and then sell the contraption.

If you can, raise mostly Impling Deamons.

Sell Boning Totems as soon as they are used up to free up contraption space.


Regular Giant minions and Giant bros should have seperate caps.Currently,you are disintcentivized from making regular giant minions[except for gangly grafted] as giant bro minions are much more powerful.Also Gangly grafted can raise more giant bro minions than sprout brotato which is kinda weird.

Ranged minions should stop attacking when caught in impling traps. Idk if the archers can attack but the fanatic can definitely still attack you while trapped.

Used Boning totem sprite is not removed when sold.

Do Deamon Implings still create bear traps? If not, they should. Just make the traps red.

Contraptineer Metas

Lucky Wrench: Thou can sell/replace preset map contraptions.

Will Die For Scraps: Thou gains n empty contraption slots per map where n is the map number/difficulty.

Nifty Nutso: Thou can buy Trap Surprise spells through the contraptineer menu and is at max power[does not require charging] but price increases with each purchase.

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